Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vampire Attacks Again!

October 15th, 2011
Reporting by Stephan Thompsan

This story comes to me from a close friend on the Boston, Massachusetts police force. He has forbidden me to use his name. He is aware of my work following and reporting vampire attacks and has warned me numerous times to stop or risk drawing their attention and becoming a victim myself.
He confirmed for me that there have been two victims in Boston that they know of. Both bore the signature puncture wounds. One male and one female. Names have been withheld pending notification of the families. Although the police were not able to release the names we have been able to ascertain that the male victim is one Jonathan Jackel. He told me that the male had signs of putting up a struggle as he was heavily bruised. He said that the man’s entire back had bruises as if he had been hurled up against a wall which would seem to confirm earlier reports that this vampire has amazing strength. The female victim showed no signs of struggle. There was nothing under her nails that could be DNA tested. This may indicate that the vampire does indeed have the power to bring certain mortals under its spell and force them to not resist. If you see Jonathan Jackel after dark he may have been turned into a vampire himself and we encourage you to report him to the police. Do not be fooled if he seems normal. Some signs that he has been turned may include staying up late at night. Hardly sleeping and when he does lie down he’s not actually sleeping. Drinking large amounts of caffeine. It’s been reported that vampires can actually consume human drinks without harm although they must have blood to survive. Jonathan may also have periods of time after dark when his whereabouts can’t be explained. If you’ve seen any of this behavior do not confront him! Report him to the local police and they will work with the FBI to deal with him. Remember the main goal is to catch the monster that did this to Jonathan.
The police now have a better artist’s sketch of this Vampire. Do not let his looks fool you, he is deadly dangerous.

The question becomes now why is this super strong vampire leaving a trail of bodies for the police to find? Can’t the blood sucker just take what he needs to live and let the blood source go without harm? Wouldn’t that be better than risking the full force of American Law Enforcement coming after him? This is not the 1800s where a vampire could kill with impunity with no fear of being caught. Police believe they will certainly come face to face with this killer vampire and when they do they are confident that today’s weapons will show this monster who is all powerful.
Indeed at this point a confrontation with police is pure speculation but police are certain they catch him. In fact they are planning on capturing him alive to study him. Facilities have been prepared that authorities believe will hold this vampire once he is caught and allow for medical testing. We will keep you updated on this developing story and if you have information regarding this killer please contact your local authorities. Do not attempt to engage this Vampire yourself!
Finally, it is believed that this is the same Vampire who struck recently in Providence, Rhode Island. Remember to contact the police if you have any information.
© Steven Douglas Thompson

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